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If you’ve been a fan all these years I salute you!

Welcome home!

I created my doodie gif cartoons at the dawn of the internet!

Way back in 1997!

Eventually the Pooper-Hero Doodieman emerged, I purchased his DotCom … and a legend was born.

I continued drawing daily doodie cartoons featuring everyday people … always doing one thing… making doodie.


Sometimes the cartoons were surreal.

Some were silly…

Often topical…

Some were shameless shilling … for instance…

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Sometimes I made cartoons with sillyness and depth …

If the hamster would stop maybe the shit would stop.

Whoa! Major concept. 

Ever wonder how to make the color green?

Why the square butt?  A great question!  This was a re-use of a previous cartoon …

Sometimes I would go for pure

shock and awe.

I’ve been told my cartoons are memorable because no matter how silly or gross, there is story. 

There is a relationship. 

In the previous cartoon the doctor has a history with the nurse, he is encouraging even in the face of madness.  There is conflict, humor and hope.

Now we are in a new chapter

What’s next you ask?

 How about

10,000 Doodiemans…






I’m working on a shit ton of surprises for you.

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